Paint Correction in Killeen, Copperas Cove, Fort Hood & Harker Heights TX


When you are deal with technicians or out front office on the 2020 team you are speaking with highly trained and certified personnel, so ask away about all of our paint correction options!

When you see the phrase “Paint Correction” we want you to understand that this is a loose term in the detailing industry. In most cases, services like buffing, buff jobs, polishing, compounding and paint correction are all the same thing it honestly depends on the era you grew up in.

As a future client with the 2020 team we want you to understand that paint correction is the focused removal of paint defects like swirls, light scratches, oxidation, hollogramming and RIDS (random isolated deep scratches). To understand the types of defects present in the vehicle, the paint must be looked at with different lights some in particular that depict sunlight. We explain to clients quite often once we show you a different perspective we can then achieve real paint correction-it’s all about what you can see.

Working on paint correction in Killen Texas
We often spend between 15 to 30 hours on each project to achieve perfection. When we tell people it’s hard to quote over the phone it’s because there are several factors that will determine what stage or level of correction is needed.

Vehicle type – Not every clear coat is the same, for instance BMW has an extremely hard factory clear coat where as Honda or Chevy have a softer clear. Both vehicles present their own challenge so this is important.

Vehicle usage – We need to understand how much the vehicle was driven to see was there highway damage, brush and debris damage etc.

Type of damage – We want to understand if the damage was handmade or automatic car wash and machine made, there is a significant difference in difficulty to remove the 2 different types.

Desired results – We want to understand how you view your vehicle, We want to understand your budget and match that with our quality. We want to ensure before you leave that we’ve met your needs.

What are my options for paint Correction and what should I expect from each?


Single Stage Polish – This is designed to restore lost gloss and depth fast. We estimate that we can remove 50-60% of swirls, haze and light defects on a soft clear coat based on the make and model of your vehicle. This is simply a gloss enhancement in many cases, not meant for removing deep scratches.

Two-step paint correction-This process is for vehicles with medium-heavy defects, swirls and holograms. We estimate we can remove 80-85% of defects like haze, swirls and paint imperfections. This is the most common form of paint correction, although many desire a “perfect” finish but may not understand what goes into that. If you desire that proceed to our full correction tab.

Do you crave the highly elusive “perfect” finish? Deep scratches sanded out, paint chips filled and blended, 90-95% or more of paint defects removed. This is for those with a strong desire to protect and keep their vehicles in elite condition. We do not advise this service unless you intended to keep the vehicle. This service starts at $75/hour, and we will spend as much time as needed to bring you the highest result possible.

Now that you’ve seen all the stages, send us a message or call to see what’s best for you!