Car Detailing & Ceramic Coating In Fort Hood TX

High-Quality Car Detailing & Ceramic Coating. 2020 Auto Spa offers the highest quality Paint Protection Film / PPF / Clear Bra installations in Fort Hood TX .

Ceramic Coating Fort Hood TX

How long will your car really stay looking new?


No matter what you do or how careful you are with your vehicle, you will accumulate rock chips over time. Regardless of what marketing you read and see – Ceramic Coatings, waxes, sealants, and polishes do NOT offer ANY rock chip protection. Fort Hood TX Residents come visit us today for a Ceramic Coating

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Car Detailing in Copperas Cove TX

Using ceramic car coatings is the most effective way to preserve your vehicle’s paint.

At 2020 Autospa, we use a revolutionary paint protection system. This treatment, which uses a liquid polymer with ceramic nanoparticles, adheres to your vehicle’s paint at the molecular level. This creates a virtually impenetrable surface that repels water and protects against UV-caused oxidation and fading.

Ceramic coatings also protect your finish from oils, acids, environmental contaminants, and harsh chemicals.

When you trust 2020 AutoSpa to apply ceramic coatings to your car, you will realize a variety of benefits that can save you time and money and extend the life of your vehicle’s finish.

Because this durable coating repels water and contaminants, it will keep your car looking clean longer than you ever imagined. And, when the time does come to give your vehicle a wash, you’ll be amazed at how easily and quickly it comes clean.

Adding ceramic paint protection will also leave your car looking better than you ever imagined it could. Ceramic vehicle coatings maintain a clear, reflective appearance that shines like Utah’s summer sun for up to two full years.

This service is surprisingly affordable, especially when you consider how it can preserve the value of your vehicle and reduce the need for waxing your car and repairing its finish. You will know why all Fort Hood TX car owners trust 2020 Autospa for their Car Detailing Needs. 

Paint Protection Film in Fort Hood TX

Paint Protection Film AKA Clear Bra will protect your vehicle for years!

When it comes to vehicles, paint protection films are one of the best protection you can get. These thin sheets of polymer or urethane protect your car from all sorts of things that will otherwise damage your paint and leave lasting marks behind. The ultimate layer of protection for any kind of vehicle – whether a small sedan or an 18-wheeler truck! It’s like armor for your paint, keeping it protected from tar, sand, saltwater, rock chips, and debris.

Paint protection films are thin polymer or urethane layers that keep your car’s paint safe from UV rays, road debris, chemicals, and acid rain. A properly installed paint protection film can help you save a lot on expensive repairs like paint correction or re-painting by protecting your vehicle from damage in the first place.

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Why 2020 Auto Spa For You Car Detailing and Paint Protection Film in Fort Hood TX?

  • SECURE NEW FACILITY – Our secure facility ensures that your vehicle stays under 24/7 video surveillance and lock and key.
  • ONE-STOP SHOP – Our team specializes in automotive protective services. We can take care of ceramic coating, paint protection film. No need to run your vehicle all over to different shops.
  • PROFESSIONAL & CARING – we control the quality of the work being performed.
  • LOW VOLUME SHOP – That means we aren’t doing sloppy jobs on our client’s vehicles. We operate our shop at a slower pace so that means that your vehicle gets the attention and time it deserves.
  • CLEAR EXPECTATIONS – There is nothing worse than having the world promised to you and having it fall short due to unrealistic expectations. We will take the time to explain how the process works and what to expect.
  • AWESOME CUSTOMER SERVICE & HIGHLY RATED – We care about our client’s vehicles as if it is our own. We make sure you are happy with our services.
  • DONE RIGHT THE FIRST TIME – We know that you don’t want to worry about dropping your vehicle off for service and then have to worry about the job being done right.



Partial Hood, Partial Fenders, Full Front Bumper, Side Mirrors and Headlights are all included.


Full Front Clear Bra includes protection for the; Hood, Full Fender, Full Front Bumper, Side Mirrors and Headlights


Total coverage with a full car wrap of your chosen paint protection film.

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Copperas Cove, TX

Fort Hood, TX

Harker Heights, TX


Central Texas we are one of your premium detailing shops and we have now added paint protection film to get us closer to our ultimate goal of being a 1 stop solution for your vehicle protection needs. We would love to protect your vehicle and get to meet you so click the contact us now button to set up a free estimate today!

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