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Paint Protection Film The Next Level Of Protection

Paint Protection Film The Next Level Of Protection


We all have purchased a vehicle before, and we’ve all had the honeymoon phase with that vehicle. When we first purchase it we want to protect it and keep it looking good. Life generally sets in and either we chose not to or don’t know how to protect it so the inevitable happens the first rock chip, scratch, or worse. We scramble to try and fix and sometimes it works but the majority of the time it’s just the start of what becomes a snowball of defects and then slowly that beautiful vehicle we once saw as perfect begins to fade in appearance to us. How do we keep our vehicles looking good?

Paint Protection Film has changed the world, at 2020 Auto Spa we use STEK self-healing paint protection film. Protecting your vehicle from the havoc the world can unleash. In Texas we know one thing is true when it’s the summertime it’s like a desert and your vehicle’s paint takes a beating from the sun. STEK PPF is engineered with UV-resistant, anti-yellowing adhesives to protect your vehicle from sun damage and ultimately fade in appearance.

During the summer months when pollen is at an all-time our vehicles become coated in a layer of yellow dust and when washed improperly it causes scratches all over your vehicle, but STEK PPF also utilizes a nano-ceramic topcoat that boasts extreme hydrophobic capabilities to ensure dirt, dust, and pollen don’t adhere to a vehicle as easy and also making it much easier to clean. Just start with a simple rinse and your vehicle will look as good as new. STEK paint protection film has several of the hydrophobic properties that ceramic coating does as well giving you a high gloss and ease of clean you’ve never experienced.

Let’s touch on the major benefits of paint protection film, when you have paint protection film and get a minor scratch, quality PPF will self heal with just a bit of time and natural sunlight. If you get a slightly deeper scratch, you can use a heat gun, hairdryer, or even hot water on the scratched area and the film will magically return to its flawless state. This level of protection for your vehicle is unmatched and we all know what it’s like driving in Texas parking at grocery stores coming out to dings or a scratch from a shopping cart. Protect your vehicle with paint protection film in Fort Hood TX & Harker Heights TX.