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Ceramic Coating In Killeen And Why You Should Choose It

PPF & Ceramic Coating And Why You Should Choose It In Killeen, Copperas Cove, And Harker Heights

Ceramic Coating In Killeen Texas, there’s been a huge increase of residents realizing that wax is dead and ceramic coating is the NOW not the future but it’s the service you need right now within 30-60 days of you purchasing a vehicle. At Ceramic Pro Killeen we lead Killeen in the Paint Protection industry which includes services such as paint correction, ceramic coatings, paint protection film, clear bra, etc. Our lead ceramic coating installer has been installing since 2017 and has been a pivotal part in educating Killeen residents about ceramic coating and its benefits.

So let’s talk about the reason why if you live in Killeen you should have a ceramic coating for your vehicle. We encourage you to visit our Youtube Channel and subscribe to see all the content and watch ceramic coating videos as well as paint protection film videos.

It’s simple let’s break it down into pillars though

UV PROTECTION - Let’s face it, it’s downright boiling during the summer and if your vehicle isn’t parked inside a garage your vehicle's paint is fading by the day. UV damage occurs where the sun begins to beat down the layer of factory clear coat on your vehicle causing things such as oxidation, loss of luster. Ceramic Coating provides UV protection to slow/prevent the effects of the sun.

HIGH GLOSS - Ceramic Coatings increase gloss, and depth and enhance the richness of colors. Now while we are giving ceramic coating all the praise this is completely dependent on the paint correction done prior to the ceramic coating. At 2020 Auto Spa paint correction and prep is prioritized to ensure a high gloss finish take a look below at this high gloss finish, we have 3 different vehicles each presenting their own color enhancements. We ceramic coated all 3 of these vehicles with our Ceramic Pro 9H.

EASE OF CLEAN - Let’s be honest who likes to spend hours cleaning their vehicle? Even for the guys who enjoy cleaning their rides up on Saturday morning would you rather spend 30-45 minutes or 2-3 hours? Ceramic Coating will leave your vehicle looking cleaning longer and it makes removing dirt a breeze. We don’t just ceramic coat the painted surfaces we ceramic coat the wheels plastic surfaces and glass as well to ensure you have a smooth process once you take your vehicle home.

Scratch Resistance (Above 9H)

Super Hydrophobic Effect

Weather & UV Resistance

Thermal Resistance (up to 1200°C)


Advanced Chemical Resistance

Oxidation & Corrosion Resistant

High Gloss Finish

WHY CERAMIC PRO KILLEEN - There’s multiple reasons to choose our facility for your ceramic coating needs but we are the original ceramic coating shop for the Killeen/Fort Hood region. We have been voted “Best In Central Texas” in 2021 and recently won again for 2022. Our certifications speak for themselves. All of our technicians are sent to school to learn proper techniques as well as learn in shops as well. We boast a 7,000 sq ft facility owning the largest auto detailing shop in Copperas Cove,Killeen,Fort Hood, Harker Heights, and Temple region. Learn more About Us and see how our team was developed and created.

THE SPA EXPERIENCE- From the check-in process to the checkout process we explain the process, what to expect, and how to maintain the results we deliver once you leave. Ceramic Coating is something that completely depends on aftercare, those who pay attention to the aftercare instructions have an amazing experience. Delivering exceptional service and results that last is important for us. We want to change the way every client sees auto detailing once they visit our facility.

2008 Chevy C6 Corvette Treated With Our Ceramic Pro Gold Package

SCHEDULE YOUR VISIT OR LEARN MORE - Scheduling a visit or an appointment with 2020 Auto Spa is simple, now for ceramic coating some vehicles will need an in person consultation. Contact Us and let us know what services you’re interested in of course and we will take care of you.