Ceramic Coating in Killeen Texas

What is a ceramic coating? The first rule of looking for a ceramic coating understand cheap isn’t good and good isn’t cheap! If you hear something that sounds too good to be true it probably is, so let’s talk about 2020 Auto Spa and the ceramic coatings we offer.

Recent advancements in nanotechnology have changed the way we protect our vehicles. Ceramic coating is one of those advancements. It acts as a strong clear-coat barrier between your vehicle’s paint and the environment, offering top-notch protection. Many clients think their vehicles need good “waxing” when in reality ceramic coating is far superior and saves you the time of waxing your vehicle over and over.

The ceramic coating our team uses has been extensively tested and provides a higher hardness rating than the factory clear coat. Our shop technicians are certified Gtechniq and Feynlab installers providing the highest quality in the market. After you’ve spent your hard-earned money on a paint correction, ceramic coating is what protects your vehicle and keeps it looking good for years to come!